Kneadatite® Packaging

Kneadatite® Putty Tape
This 'Yellow and Blue' putty strip will mix to a green modelling putty which has unique properties that are great for adding fine details to figures or for making the complete model. It comes in a 36" (90cm) length weighing 100g.

Kneadatite® Putty Stick
The stick packaging stops the two putties from touching, preventing any chance of an initial cure. The Kneadatite Stick is mixed in the same way as the Tape but with the added benefit that the mix ratio can be changed to alter the cured properties:
Cut or twist off 1 part blue to 1 part yellow. Mixing proportions can be adjusted to control cure time and hardness: more blue produces a faster, harder cure; more yellow results in a slower, softer cure. Mix by kneading with damp fingers to a uniform color. Apply within 1 hour of mixing.




Kneadatite is a registered trademark of Polymeric Systems Inc.